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Athletes aren't the only ones who can get athlete's foot - the itchy, burning problem can affect anyone. Dr. Matika specializes in providing care that attacks the fungus at its roots so patients in Manhattan Beach, CA, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and surrounding South Bay areas can get quick and long-lasting relief.

Athlete's foot Q & A

Why do I need to see a doctor about athlete's foot? Can't I just treat it with medicine from the drugstore?

When you have athlete's foot, it's important to have it evaluated by a doctor to determine the extent of the infection. What may appear like a minor infection to you, but unless it's treated properly – and thoroughly – it can reappear later and continue to cause problems. Plus, seeing the doctor is the best way to learn how to prevent athlete's foot from occurring in the future.

How is athlete's foot treated?

Athlete's foot can be treated in several ways:

  • Topical creams and ointments can relieve mild to moderate forms of athlete's foot, but more severe cases such as those that infect the thick bottom of your foot may need additional care. Over-the-counter products are often too mild to result in full healing, which is why seeing a doctor is especially important.

  • Oral medicines help treat stubborn types of athlete's foot or athlete's foot that tends to recur.

  • Foot soaks and proper cleansing including thorough drying can also be part of the care regimen.

Plus. Dr. Matika can help you understand the importance of footwear that allows your feet to “breathe” and stay dry.

What will happen during the office visit?

An exam for athlete's foot fungal infection is very straightforward: Dr. Matika will examine your foot for the fungus' telltale signs – itchy, red, scaly patches, usually between and around the toes. She'll also ask you about habits you may have that need to be changed to prevent recurrent infection, and then she'll decide the best way to treat the fungus and eliminate the burning, itching sensations.

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